Accelerate Digital Transformation with Mobile Test Automation

Hear how DexMedia is delivering consistent and innovative customer experiences

Sponsored by:
Amir Rozenberg - Director of Product Management - Perfecto

Kedar Apte - QA Manager - Infostretch

Gail Gallegos - Director Applications Delivery - Dex Media

In the digitally-driven era, Dex Media helps local businesses compete and win with its business and marketing automation solutions. The company provides the digital tools and sophisticated offerings used by enterprises, but they are built and designed to be easily utilized by independent, local business owners.

Dex Media's products enable independent business owners to focus on what they do best. So how does the company manage the test and QA challenges that digital delivery presents? In this webinar, Dex Media, together with Perfecto and Infostretch, will reveal how it addressed the spiraling mobile testing complexity by cutting its test cycle times by 50%.

Leveraging proven combination of Perfecto and Infostretch, Dex Media automated testing of its business directory applications, Superpages and DexKnows, for Android, iOS and the responsive web. Using QMetry Automation Framework and techniques like parallel execution, as opposed to sequential execution, mobile test automation has enabled the company to deliver consistent, innovative customer experiences.

Join us on Tuesday, May 15th as we:

  • Discuss the landscape of mobile testing in the digital age
  • Hear first-hand from Dex Media about its digital transformation journey, the challenges it faced and the role of mobile
  • Reveal steps to success - and the pitfalls to avoid - in mobile test automation.

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Speakers Biography:

Amir Rozenberg - Director of Product Management - Perfecto
Amir Rozenberg is the director of product management, responsible for core product strategy, at Perfecto, the leading digital cloud and test automation company. Amir has pioneered mobile quality practices in Perfecto to extend across the application lifecycle. Amir has extensive experience in the digital industry with expertise in areas including application development, testing, delivery and monitoring. Amir led successful synergies with Microsoft, Blazemeter, HP and others to optimize value delivery to our customers. Find Amir on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Kedar Apte - QA Manager - Infostretch
Kedar Apte is the QA Manager at Infostretch. He has over 17 years of experience in engineering digital and enterprise applications specifically in test automation and mobile testing. At Infostretch, Kedar has been involved in transformation consulting, program delivery, test practice leadership and test automation solution architecture.

Kedar has led many global teams and has been instrumental in guiding his clients make the shift from QA to QE, establish best practices of software testing and operationalize automation across multiple departments. He has experience working in many roles such as automation architect, project manager, delivery manager and account manager.

Gail Gallegos - Director Applications Delivery - Dex Media
Gail Gallegos is the Director at DexYP responsible for the Application Delivery of all digital and enterprise applications. Gail has been a driver at DexYP in moving Automation and DevOps processes forward to allow the company to move quickly with quality throughout the Software Development life cycle. Responsible for introducing Scrum Health reports to track the progress and efficiencies of the DevOPS improvements. She has led the successful migration and conversion of numerous production applications for the company due to mergers and acquisitions. Gail led the effort in introducing best practices for Quality Assurance and Release Management working in the Agile Methodology with Onshore and Offshore resources.