Rommana Webinar: Acceptance Criteria Vs Scenarios - Writing Better User Stories with Rommana ALM

Speaker: Dr. Magdy Hanna

For many years, project teams used user stories to describe functionality in agile projects. It is well established fact among agile teams that user stories in their standard format do not provide much details for developers to build the functionality or for tester to make sure the functionality is working as intended. To overcome the brevity of user stories, project teams sometimes use acceptance criteria to add more details to a user story and to establish the boundaries of a user story. Another approach that has proven to achieve good results is to write scenarios for user stories. In this webinar, Dr. Hanna will share his experience using both acceptance criteria and scenarios. More specifically, Dr. Hanna will discuss the following:

  • User stories downsides
  • The difference between acceptance criteria and scenarios
  • How to use one or the other or both
  • How derive tests from scenarios
  • How Rommana ALM supports both acceptance criteria and scenarios

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Magdy Hanna

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