Online Interactive Webinars
Online Group Training on Demand It's the most cost-effective way for your team to get the training they need. Any Time, Any Place, Any Pace!

At IIST, it is always our goal to find ways to make sure your team is not forgotten and their skills are continuously developed and for your team to achieve their professional development goals without interrupting the valuable work they do on their projects.

Purchase any number of "Course Vouchers" at $325 each good for any of our 60+ courses available online. Purchase a few at a time or if you decide to purchase 20 or more vouchers at a time, we'll reduce the price to only $295 per voucher. Your team will have 30 days to listen and view the course as many times as they wish at their own pace.


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Call our professional development team at 1-877-Get-IIST or email us to discuss details.