IIST Accredited Training Partners

IIST works with qualified training organizations around the world to provide training towards its certification programs, based on our unique and well defined Body of Knowledge. To ensure the quality of instruction and maintain the integrity of certification programs, IIST closely monitors the performance of all Accredited Training Partners.

All record keeping and the award of the certifications are the responsibility of the International Institute for Software Testing.

Benefits of Becoming an IIST Accredited Training Partner

Accredited Training Partners receive the following benefits:

  1. The right to conduct training towards different IIST certifications
  2. The use of the IIST Accredited Training Partner logo on your web site
  3. Including a Certificated of Approval in the training material
  4. The ability to nominate/register individuals to take certifications exams online
  5. Being listed at the IIST web site as an Accredited Training Partner
  6. Participation in the IIST Advisory Board to guide all decisions regarding certifications and Bodies of Knowledge

Accredited Training Partners must undergo a certification process to be qualified to teach IIST certification training. The process also include certifying the material being used in the training.

In order to evaluate the capabilities of your company as a potential IIST-Accredited Training Partner, please submit the following information:

  1. Detailed resumes of individuals who will be certified
  2. A list of testing courses your company has been offering
  3. The length of time your company has been offering these courses
  4. Your summary plan to market and promote your training

Send all documents by email to the attention of the IIST Chairman, Dr. Magdy Hanna , at mhanna@testinginstitute.com .

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