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These recorded webinars are provided by the IIST. We also invite you to register for other live webinars and listen to experts and practitioners addressing some of the most critical issues in software quality and testing. Click here to see a list of upcoming webinars.

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Title Speaker Recording Date
ALM for the Medical Industry and FDA Computer Software Assurance - CSA Dr. Magdy Hanna 11/05/2021 Listen Now
Gaining Control of Product and Process Quality with Integrated ALM Dr. Magdy Hanna 10/22/2021 Listen Now
Acceptance Criteria Vs Scenarios - Writing Better User Stories Dr. Magdy Hanna 10/08/2021 Listen Now
Managing User Stories for Effective Development and Testing With Rommana ALM Dr. Magdy Hanna 10/01/2021 Listen Now
Secrets to Reliably Estimate Test Time and Effort Robin Goldsmith 09/16/2021 Listen Now
Make Test Metrics Work for you Robin Goldsmith 09/09/2021 Listen Now
Managing Testing Beyond a Test Management Tool - September 2021 Robin Goldsmith 09/02/2021 Listen Now
Increase the Value Your Test Process Delivers Robin Goldsmith 08/26/2021 Listen Now
Proactive Security Testing in Agile Projects Bhushan Gupta 05/14/2021 Listen Now
Integrating Exploratory Testing in a Disciplined Software Test Process Dr. Magdy Hanna 03/19/2021 Listen Now
Software Testing and QA Cerifications Dr. Magdy Hanna 02/19/2021 Listen Now
Testers Can Prevent Defects Too – Maturing the Test Profession Towards True Quality Assurance - January 2021 Dr. Magdy Hanna 01/29/2021 Listen Now
Continuous Performance Testing in the DevOps Pipeline Lee Barnes 10/09/2020 Listen Now
Make Test Metrics Work for You Robin Goldsmith 08/18/2020 Listen Now
Manage Testing beyond a Test Management Tool Robin Goldsmith 07/28/2020 Listen Now
Effective Test Automation in DevOps - Moving towards continuous testing Lee Barnes 06/05/2020 Listen Now
Scenario Based Development and Testing-Doing it Right the First Time Dr. Magdy Hanna 05/21/2020 Listen Now
Keeping your Continuous Test Automation Valuable Continuously Eran Kinsbruner 04/03/2020 Listen Now
Testing and DevOps: The Future is Now Adam Auerbach 01/17/2020 Listen Now
Testers Can Prevent Defects Too - Maturing the Test Profession Towards True Quality Assurance Dr. Magdy Hanna 11/15/2019 Listen Now
Using Selenium with Artificial Intelligence to Generate Automated Tests Trevor Chandler 09/06/2019 Listen Now
Feature-Based Project Management for Agile and Non-Agile Projects Dr. Magdy Hanna 05/24/2019 Listen Now
With 2 or 3 Week Sprint, How Can We Do UAT? Dr. Magdy Hanna 02/15/2019 Listen Now
So Many Testing Certifications are out there. Should you Get Certified? Dr. Magdy Hanna 10/18/2018 Listen Now
User Acceptance Testing in Agile Environment Philip Lew 09/14/2018 Listen Now
Help! I am Drowning In 2 Week Sprints....Please Tell Me What NOT to Test! Mary Thorn 07/20/2018 Listen Now
Using Artificial Intelligence to Speed Up Your Test Automation Development Jason Arbon 04/27/2018 Listen Now
Testing in a Continuous Delivery Pipeline: Faster, Better, Cheaper Gene Gotimer 03/29/2018 Listen Now
YOU Dont Need No Stinking Test Cases Robin Goldsmith 03/07/2018 Listen Now
Agile Leadership for Agile Transformation or Fail! Tom Cagley 02/02/2018 Listen Now
Preventing, Detecting, and Testing Away Defects in Agile and Non-Agile Environments Michael Mah 10/27/2017 Listen Now
So Many Certifications Are Out There; Should I Even Try to Get Certified? Dr. Magdy Hanna 10/06/2017 Listen Now
Collaborative Acceptance Test-Driven Development through Scenarios Dr. Magdy Hanna 07/07/2017 Listen Now
Mobile Test Automation: Covering Unique Functionality Michael Yudanin 04/28/2017 Listen Now
Compatibility Testing for Mobile Apps and Websites Michael Yudanin 03/31/2017 Listen Now
Defect Prevention: The Role of Testers in Improving Process and Reducing Cost of Quality - Part 2 Dr. Magdy Hanna 03/28/2017 Listen Now
IIST Webinar: Defect Prevention: A Tester Role in Process Improvement Mike Ennis 03/10/2017 Listen Now
IIST Webinar: Scaling Agile - SAFe 4.0 and CMMI Deliver Hardened Large-Scale Agile Tom Cagley 02/24/2017 Listen Now
IIST Webinar: Testing as a Second Language - Back to the Basics Dr. Magdy Hanna 02/17/2017 Listen Now
IIST Webinar: Software Testing and Quality Certifications Facts and Fictions Dr. Magdy Hanna 02/03/2017 Listen Now
IIST Webinar: Succeed in Agile Projects - Increase Collaboration through Communication Tammy Schembari 01/27/2017 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Transform Your Manual Testing Process to Incorporate Test Automation Jim Trentadue 08/05/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: When Agile is a Quality Game Changer; Predictive Forecasting of Defect Profiles Michael Mah 07/14/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Identifying and Executing the Most Important Tests Clyneice Chaney 07/08/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Risk Based Testing Analysis and Strategy Development Clyneice Chaney 06/10/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Trimming Down your QA Effort While Maintaining Quality Clyneice Chaney 05/27/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Software Quality Management A Proactive Approach Robin Goldsmith 05/13/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Leading an Effective Test Organization with A High Performance Test Team Thomas Staab 05/06/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Managing the Test Process A Proactive Approach Robin Goldsmith 04/29/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Improving Mobile User Experience Philip Lew 04/15/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: What Project Teams Need to Know about Test Automation Jim Trentadue 03/11/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Internet of Things: How Does It Impact Testing and QA Jennifer Bonine 02/19/2016 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: It's Never Too Late to Manage Release Quality; Even Late in the Test Cycle Mike Ennis 12/11/2015 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: Defect Prevention The Role of Testers in Improving Process Dr. Magdy Hanna 11/20/2015 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar Agile Test Management A Collaborative Approach Alan Koch 11/12/2015 Listen Now
PSQT Webinar: An Overview of Testing Data Warehouses Wayne Yaddow 10/30/2015 Listen Now
Five Ideas Your Automation Framework Needs Right Now Paul Grossman 08/31/2015 Listen Now
Innovation Thinking Evolve and Expand Your Capabilities Jennifer Bonine 08/28/2015 Listen Now
Is the World Not Flat? A View of Off-shoring vs Agile in a Cost Obsessed World Michael Mah 08/21/2015 Listen Now
Leading Change-Even If You're Not in Charge Jennifer Bonine 08/14/2015 Listen Now
Improving the Test Process with Measurements Thomas Staab 07/09/2015 Listen Now
Defect Prevention: A Tester's Role in Process Improvement Part 2 Dr. Magdy Hanna 06/12/2015 Listen Now
Software Quality Management: A Proactive Approach Robin Goldsmith 05/22/2015 Listen Now
Compatibility Testing for Mobile Apps and Websites Michael Yudanin 04/30/2015 Listen Now
Disciplined Agile Test Design Dr. Magdy Hanna 04/27/2015 Listen Now
Improving Life Cycle Software Quality Assurance (SQA) with Measurements Alfred Sorkowitz 04/15/2015 Listen Now
Defect Prevention: A Tester's Role in Process Improvement Part 1 Mike Ennis 04/10/2015 Listen Now
Risk-Based Testing: What Does Strategy Have to Do With It Clyneice Chaney 04/02/2015 Listen Now
Improving the Test Process with Measurements Alfred Sorkowitz 03/27/2015 Listen Now
Testing Mobile Devices' Unique Functionality Michael Yudanin 03/24/2015 Listen Now
A Disciplined Agile Test Design Process Dr. Magdy Hanna 03/20/2015 Listen Now
Improving Mobile User Experience Philip Lew 03/03/2015 Listen Now
Estimating and Controlling Test Projects Robin Goldsmith 02/24/2015 Listen Now
A Practical Guide To Assessing Your Test Organization Using The Test Maturity Model (TMM) Mike Ennis 02/13/2015 Listen Now
Infusing Automated Testing in a Manual Testing Organization Michael Lawler 10/01/2014 Listen Now
Achieving the Certified Software Quality Manager (CSQM) Credential Dr. Magdy Hanna 08/08/2014 Listen Now
Establishing the Software Quality Assurance Function Thomas Staab 07/22/2014 Listen Now
IT Project Cost Estimating William Roetzheim 07/01/2014 Listen Now
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