Using Selenium with Artificial Intelligence to Generate Automated Tests

Speaker: Trevor Chandler
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Artificial Intelligence is just starting its introduction into software quality assurance, and is most often, misunderstood in regards to the full capabilities the different kinds of artificial intelligence can bring into your quality strategy. In this Webinar we will be discussing Reinforcement Learning, and its ability to automatically discover features in isolation as well as workflows using more than a single feature in your application under test. Then, while cycling test data into these features and workflows, we will thoroughly test the features and workflows with a known, extremely high, test coverage. Afterall, if you don’t know what your test coverage is (Note: Test Coverage is NOT the same thing as Code Coverage) then you don’t understand what quality you are assuring. We will also discuss using hierarchical, weight based, collapsible dendrograms for a visual presentation of the features and workflows possible within an application. These topics are complex, however, we will get through them and each person in attendance will gain a working understanding of these concepts with real direction and guidance allowing you to use these methods as part of your quality strategy.

Speaker Biography:

Trevor Chandler is an Automation Engineer, and the founder of TecStar Consulting.

With over 150 completed test automation projects across 59 different companies, 13 world’s first’s achievements and 4 patents in artificial intelligence, Trevor solves quality problems using both familiar and new approaches.