Testing Certification exams
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Testing Certification Exams

Education-Based Testing Certifications

IIST now offers twelve different Education-Based Software Testing Certifications. As a result, IIST does not offer the opportunity to take any software testing certification exam without completing the course of the study required for that testing certification. Each IIST testing certification is based on a well-defined Body of Knowledge (BOK) approved by IIST’s Advisory Board. To achieve these certifications, a candidate must attend a number of instructor-lead courses and pass an test for each course. Testing certification exams Exams are not multiple choice or true/false type of exams as commonly used by other certification providers. The Advisory Board agreed that this approach is better than those types of certifications that require merely passing an exam and do not require a formal course of study. certification exams in Education-Based Certifications are more of problem solving and hands-on questions. Keep in mind, just passing a specific testing certification exam or even taking a prep course for that exam does not make you a better test professional unless you complete a course of study that teaches you techniques and methods you can use in your projects.


Below are the different education-based certifications available from IIST. You can select any certification and read its educational requirement and then look at the training options to see what course options you have to take to achieve the certification. All courses and testing certification exams are available online.