Secrets to Reliably Estimate Test Time and Effort

Speaker: Robin Goldsmith
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Do you get too little time and too few resources to do the testing you know needs to be done? You’re probably a victim of testing budgets and schedules that are set irrespective of needed tests. To have a prayer of negotiating achievable testing, you need to apply proven estimation techniques, starting with positively defining needed tests and related tasks. Learn how in this interactive webinar.

  • Recognize why you’re repeatedly stuck with impossible testing budgets and schedules
  • Identify positively the tests you need for confidence the product works properly
  • Make supportable estimates of the direct and indirect work for responsible testing

Speaker Biography:

Robin Goldsmith is internationally recognized as an authority on business engineering and software acquisition/development quality, testing, and productivity. He is a frequent speaker at leading conferences and formerly International Vice President of the Association for Systems Management. Robin is the author of the book: "Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success".