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Using Artificial Intelligence to Speed Up
Your Test Automation Development

Speaker: Jason Arbon, CEO

Speed is king. In a world where most of the build and DevOps process is automated, Testing is the slowest and most expensive part of getting your app or website deployed to the world. Only the top 1% of app teams have a decent amount of test automation--and even they still have days of manual testing before they release new versions of their app. Testing is difficult, especially at the UI level, which is why it is still relegated to humans. But all that is changing with the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Testing is ripe for disruption because AI itself is based on examples of input and output, which sounds a whole lot like the testing activity. Testers often have limited experience having tested just a handful of apps--AI can test and learn at the scale of hundreds, even thousands of apps. AI can eliminate much of the hand-crafted pain of test definition and execution. More importantly, AI-based testing can run the same test on multiple apps--eliminating much of the need for custom testing in the first place. AI and ML for testing is here, it is real, and it will change the world of testing for the better.

Speaker Biography:

Jason is the CEO of, and its automation framework which is redefining how enterprises test their mobile and web apps. He was recently the director of engineering and product at Jason previously held engineering leadership roles at Google and Microsoft and co-authored "How Google Tests Software" and "App Quality: Secrets for Agile App Teams".